Thursday, October 25, 2012

Yes, you can take it with you. As long as you are in a kayak

     This is most of what I shipped in my kayak for a three-day, two-night exploration of Perdido Key in the Gulf Island National Seashore, Florida last weekend.  From left to right: blue bag has take-a-part steel sand chair, yellow dry bag has regular Therma-Rest, black stuff stack has down bag, red net bag has food, small Coleman ice chest has more food, big net bag has assorted outerwear that has no other home in the yak, the #10 clear dry bag, more clothes (I thought it would be colder), smaller #5 clear bag has electronics and wallet and keys and stuff like that, and every thing aft of that is tent, poles, tarp, extra sand pegs for tarp, ropes.  There is also a green #10 dry bag that serves the kitchen with a stove, two pots, two cups, and a bag for small stuff like forks, spoons, knife, matches, flashlight.  On the boat are my PFD, quart Nalgene water bottle, pump, paddle float, two kayak paddles, and probably a map but the picture has scrolled out of sight so I can't tell.  There may also be a deck compass but I don't see it.  What is not shown is the bug dope.  I will never forget that again.

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