Tuesday, October 2, 2012


Life is in the details and that is especially true when it comes to camping.  For this reason do not casually choose your spoon.  Consider the usefulness of a broken spoon.  Not much.  So while Lexan and plastic spoons might appeal because, compared to metal spoons--ti excluded), they might be a bit lighter, beware the trade off might be having to eat dinner with your fingers.
Just to be safe I always carry a metal spoon, as a spare.  A spoon many might call an "ice cream spoon."  You know, a spoon strong enough to stand up to a carton of ice cream.  Hard ice cream.  That is the strength you want in a spoon when you are miles from the spoon store and the only thing that can bring that hot dinner from that pot to your mouth is the spoon you have with you.  If after that first or second bite you end up with half of an "unbreakable" spoon in your hand and the other half in the pot, you might wish you had "spent" a few extra ounces for a spoon that would hold up and be dependable.

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