Sunday, March 24, 2013

Read "Deep Trouble" to see what a really bad day sea kayaking is like

      With the proper training, attitude and equipment, sea kayaking can be quite safe.  But give short-shrift to any of these and you could be in trouble, deep trouble.  This collection of stories culled from "Sea Kayaker" magazine details 22 harrowing kayaking trips based on first-hand accounts of survivors, witnesses and rescuers.
     Each story in "Deep Trouble" begins with a straight narrative of the event, followed by a "Lessons Learned" passage explaining how it might have been prevented.   Seeded through out the 186 page paperback are three dozen sidebars covering a wide variety of troublesome situations faced by yakers, such as leaky hatches and flotation, pumping out a kayak, self rescue and what happens behind the scenes when the Coast Guard receives a call for help.
     Easy to read and written at a level beginning kayakers can comprehend,  "Deep Trouble" should be on the bookshelf of any yaker planning to paddle in water over their head.

     Sea Kayaker Deep Trouble, True stories and their lessons from Sea Kayaker Magazine, by Matt Broze andGeorge Gronseth, Ragged Mountain Press, 1997.


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